Spoke Newsletter – June 6, 2024


We are going to celebrate our scholarship recipients. Each student will be briefly interviewed by JIM BELOTE. Thanks to CHRIS WALKER for his work coordinating and chairing the important committee.


Redlands Assistant City Manager, CHRIS BOATMAN, delivered an outstanding presentation about current challenges and more importantly, future opportunities and plans for our city. CHRIS is a local product, born and raised here, did his undergraduate at UCR, signed on with the city in 2007 as a planner. He has quickly moved through the ranks to Assistant City Manager and Facilities Community Services Director, and Municipal Utilities and Engineer Director. In short, he has a lot of departments under his control. He highlighted recent accomplishments, including the Redlands Bowl electrical and lighting, the Jocelyn Senior Center (where our friends, the Kiwanians, will start meeting), the replacement of the Lugonia Grove, downtown parking master plan and also a community center and outdoor dining project. He also discussed future projects, which are for the most part, capital improvements and face lifts or renovations on many city assets. He made a respectful nod to working with Rotarian, PAT MEYER over the years and how PAT had our city’s best interest always at heart. The cherry on top of CHRIS’ fine program, was a salute given by JERRY BEAN, who complemented CHRIS on his work over the years and his can-do attitude to get things done for the residents of our city.

Special music last week was also over the top. Roll Out the Barrel has never been done the way ERIC GRANIER and WOLFGANG HALL performed it on French horn and saxophone. Despite their best efforts, this moment of music offered clear affirmation that most of us Rotarians did not invest in music lessons in our youth. ERIC also announced that father in law and fellow Rotarian, RALPH FELLER, took a fall, is rehabilitating, and would appreciate our thoughts, cards, and kind encouragement.


We will hear from a fairly new addition to our Rotary family, PAT WILLIAMS of Angel’s Closet. PAT’S story of selfless assistance to student’s basic needs warms the heart. You’ll enjoy her story and learn why the club has supported PAT and Angel’s Closet for many years.


Yes, Art in the Park was outstanding. Thank you, LYNN WHITMER, SHIRLEY HARRY, and JERRY BEAN, for your leadership and the many supporters who helped underwrite a great day. The inaugural Pub Crawl fundraiser for Family Services and the Unforgettable’s was a great event first time out of the gate according to KYRA STEWART, whose FSA received half the proceeds. Also personally invested were Rotarians, MARVIN HUDSON, one of the royalty capturing votes and EVAN SANFORD, who it sounds like was the team captain for Team Rotary, one of the groups crawling among the six pubs. He didn’t say if our team won, but if this is a drinking game and you are in charge of Rotarians, if we didn’t win, EVAN, we need to get you better players as we have a long bench to choose from. EVAN commented that one margarita had way too much lime juice and ice. Atta boy. Also from EVAN, we learned about the Chamber’s Dog Jog, which started with 200 participants a couple years ago to grow to 500 this last time. Who knows, possibly this will replace Redlands Pet and Bike parade that graced our downtown for decades.


10th annual, where did that time go? Coming up this Saturday. JIM NOLAN is once again leading the small army of volunteers. This Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Ted Runner Stadium. If you have an easy-up, they could use it.


Friday, June 21st, we will provide usher services at the Redlands Bowl. Many of you have signed up, however we need some more. See CAL BOOTHBY for details.


Good afternoon! You only have to put up with me for three more meetings, so that should put a spring in your step this week! And today is also National Higher Education Day – a fitting time of year as we have just said “thank you and good luck” to our graduating high school student reps, on their way to the next chapter of their academic career. Rounding out our year of fundraising and events will be Touch-A-Truck this Saturday – and the weather looks to be a bit warm, so bring that sunscreen and enjoy the day! Many thanks to the Touch-A-Truck Committee for their hard work and dedication – JIM & LINDA NOLIN know how to keep things on track!

Editor – Neal Waner – Edition No. 48 – June 6, 2024