Spoke Newsletter – May 23, 2024


Our speaker will be JERRY TESSLER, presenting information on Redlands’ Public Market, a new development featuring the adaptive reuse of the Mutual Orange Company packing house.


Our speaker last week was PHILIPP EDELMANN, Head of Production for Netflix Live Experiences. He spoke to us about how the global streaming giant continues to reinvent itself and is transforming the world of live events and location-based entertainment through innovative and imaginative applications of virtual and real-world resources. Patterning itself after the Disney “Imagineering” model, Netflix has begun to view experiences as “consumer products”. With a foundation of 220,000,000 streaming subscribers worldwide, up from 140,000 nine years ago, Netflix has a loyal fan base that consumes a vast library of original content and who seem poised to put themselves “in the picture” by participating in re-creations of their favorite shows in real life, complete with sets, costumes, and plots lifted from shows like “The Squid” and “Bridgerton”. Participants will be able to cast themselves as heroes or just plain folks in those universes. The Netflix Live Experience aims to bring the theme park to the consumer rather than a consumer going to the theme park by creating affordable entertainment experiences in one of several “Netflix Houses” where participants can partake of “bites”, themed merchandise, and events at a reasonable price point. One inaugural Netflix House has been opened and more will be forthcoming should consumers respond favorably. Though PHILIPP avoided comparisons of the concept of Netflix Live Experiences to the HBO series “Westworld”, the parallels are apt and striking to fans of that show.


Former Redlands Rotarian and “triple threat” (Facilities & Community Service Director, Municipal Utilities & Engineering Director, and Assistant City Manager) CHRIS BOATMAN will be our speaker. CHRIS will tell us everything we need to know about the ginormous sign for In ‘N Out Burger, the Step Up program, and progress on the new City Hall.


Maybe you are and maybe you’re not, but to help our fellow citizens with food insufficiency, Redlands Family Services is conducting the 10th Annual Redlands Hunger Walk & Run at the U of R on June 1st. Start time is 7:45 for runners and 8:00 for walkers and the start and finish line is at Ted Runner Stadium. Drop by and visit the RCOR Touch-a-Truck canopy before and after the race. Preregistration is closed, and they may run out of goodie bags if you’re not already registered, but why not come out anyway and register the day of the event? The donation is $35.00 for ages 13 and up and $10.00 for 12 and under. If you’d rather sleep in, just donate. That way, you needn’t consume any of those soggy Kiwanis pancakes, weak coffee, and watery OJ. More info at www.redlandsfamilyservice.org/hungerwalk.html


RON HELBRON has generously offered to bring his 1965 Porche 911 to the Touch-A-Truck event to give the kiddos an opportunity to climb in and on a classic and finely crafted piece of German engineering. It will be parked between JOHN PATTERSON’S RV and the Kona Ice truck. Get your tickets now!


RCOR welcomes PAT WILLIAMS, founder and chief bottle washer at Angel’s Closet, the “clothing pantry” based at Redlands East Valley High School that makes new and gently used clothing of all types available to middle and high school students who lack the resources to dress for success, dress for prom, or even just dress. We look forward to getting to know you better, PAT.


This Editor has had several conversations lately concerning the ease and good humor with which JEFF MARTINEZ introduces and conducts the Rising Stars interviews and presentations three times a year. His manner with the students is never boring and he always makes the students feel important while receiving their award. For many of these students, this is the first time they’ve received an award for anything, and JEFF prevents it from being just another “here’s your stuff, nice to see you, get out” moment. Unseen by many is the diligent work it takes behind the scenes to corral the students and school staff to provide names, autobiographies, and guest names in time before the presentations themselves. It’s important and a real feather in our collective Rotary hats to offer the Rising Stars program, and it’s great to see that it’s in good hands with JEFF taking the lead.


There will be a meeting of the committee and any interested parties next Wednesday evening at Casa NOLIN at 5:30. RSVPs are appreciated. ALLAN GREISEMER is still taking day-of-event volunteer names, so let him know how you can help if you haven’t already, and sponsorships are still gratefully accepted. Please take a yard sign or poster home with you from the meeting and put it where it will get maximum exposure!


In 1939, the submarine USS Squalus sinks in the Gulf of Maine, drowning 26 sailors. The 33 remaining crew are rescued from a depth of 243 feet by divers using the recently developed heliox breathing system. The divers are later awarded the Medal of Honor.


Right about now I imagine President-Elect THOMAS JACKSON is enjoying a Singapore Sling or Mai Tai! The perks of a tropical location for the RI Convention. We are 38 days away from the reign of our next president… will it be terrifying? Benevolent? Expensive?! Time will tell. A little closer to home, though, did anyone catch DR. NATHAN GONZALES at his Redlands Forum yesterday?! Or attend the Bucky Ball last weekend, led by BRANDON MULDER? There are obviously plenty of things happening in town, but let’s not forget our upcoming Touch-A-Truck which I believe still needs some volunteers! So, if you’re available, talk to ALLAN GRIESEMER.

Editor – Jim Nolin – Edition No. 46 – May 23, 2024