Spoke Newsletter – May 16, 2024


Our speaker today is PHILLIPP EDELMANN. As Head of Production for Netflix Live Experiences, PHILIPP oversees an ambitious array of new and innovative projects, paving the way for Netflix’ entry into the global themed entertainment industry. He will talk to us about Netflix Live Experiences and how the global streaming giant is transforming the world of live events and location-based entertainment.


RCOR welcomed ERICA MILLER, owner of WIN Home Inspection (and volunteer for The Beloved Foundation). ERICA reported that, for several years, the only purpose under which her services were engaged were for home loan and mortgage qualification. Recently, there have been more frequent requests to inspect homes for homeowner insurance policy issues and renewals. Not as thorough as for mortgage loans, insurance inspections look at under-counter plumbing and electrical connections as well as vegetation overgrowth and the presence or absence of household pets. Insurance carriers then issue or deny coverage or change premium cost based on this cursory report. It was no surprise to anyone that rates have been rising dramatically and/or coverage has been denied based on carriers’ presumed exposure to catastrophic losses (Are people building homes where they shouldn’t? Is the exploding value of homes the major factor in increased losses?). This has forced many homeowners to pay huge premium increases or access the state’s “Fair Plan” policies of last resort to maintain coverage on their property. oined by Rotarian JOE AMLANI, ERICA encouraged homeowners to maintain their property in good order (keep your receipts!), remain in contact with the office of the California Department of Insurance, the clearing house for complaints against insurance carriers, and communicate concerns about costs, exclusions, and rates to our elected officials.


Our speaker will be JERRY TESSLER, presenting information on Redlands’ Public Market, a new development featuring the adaptive reuse of the Mutual Orange Company packing house.


We had an opportunity to recognize LARRY BURGESS, heir to the legacy of Hope and Crosby, for his Moroccan excursion with his bride, CHAR. Among other things, he expressed a new-found appreciation for the abilities and gentility of the camel. For those who would welcome greater insight into the whys and wherefores of the legendary Ship of the Desert, this editor invites you to Google “camel jokes”.

Look for your invitation to a summer swim party at the home of NATHAN GONZALES and TODD LOZA. bring sunscreen and Bombay Sapphire.

You’ve got to hand it to the “now-and-forever” student rep from Orangewood, CHRISTIAN. It requires a great deal of talent to extemporaneously sum up a semester’s worth of high school activities in five minutes without taking a breath.



Citing his long-standing support for Rotary youth programs like Rising Stars, COMPACT, Student of the Month, and the Dictionary Project, and his long-time service to Rotary and the Service Club Council among others, CAL BOOTHBY became the latest recipient of this community award at the luncheon last Tuesday. Among other accolades, CAL was referred to as the epitome of “Service, Honor, and Dignity.” well-earned and welldeserved, CALVIN, and we hope you brought your checkbook!


Congratulations are in order for the RW & B Committee who orchestrated a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining event last weekend. The venue was beautiful, the attendees amiable and enthusiastic, the music complimentary to the party, the wine assortment varied and delicious, and the weather could not be beaten. As one of the three Club money makers slated to continue next year, it remains a mainstay of our ability to serve the community through “fun”-draising for scholarships, literacy programs, and other RCOR service projects. Nice job, committee and Rotarians!


New trucks, new exhibitors, new sponsors, and the usual great event! The TAT Committee will do a site walk-through at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, May 22 at the Ted Runner Stadium to try to figure out where we’re going to put everybody. There will be weekly meetings of the committee each Wednesday evening thereafter at Casa NOLIN at 5:30 until the big day! ALLAN GREISEMER is still taking day-of-event volunteer names, so let him know how you can help if you haven’t already, and sponsorships are still gratefully accepted.


In 2004, a Day of Mourning is declared at Bykivnia forest, just outside of Kyiv, Ukraine where during the 1930s and early 1940s, communist Bolsheviks executed over 100,000 Ukrainian civilians.


A hearty thank you to ANITA, LYNN, DAVID, JODY, and GARY WHITMER for the full day of set-up and take-down to make Red, Wine, & Blues a fun evening! With this party and fundraiser now behind us, our eyes are set on Touch-A-Truck! And exciting times are coming for THOMAS who leaves for Singapore to attend the Rotary International Convention which starts in 8 days! It’s full steam ahead to close out the 2023-2024 year with a bang (and hopefully a nice foundation for our pres-elect!).

Editor – Jim Nolin – Edition No. 45 – May 16, 2024