Spoke Newsletter – March 21st, 2024


SERENA DAVIS (spouse of past Rotarian PETER DAVIS) and TISH SANDOS are with the Club to share the amazing success story of the Smiley Heritage Tours field trip program. The tour spreads the love of local history to every fourth grader throughout the East San Bernardino Valley. Originally founded as an auxiliary project of the Redlands Assistance League, the group migrated under the umbrella of A.K. Smiley Public Library in the mid-2010s.


Last week, RON HYRCHUK interviewed two special guests who are members of the Redlands Community. Dr. PADMINI VARADARAJAN is a cardiology specialist with experience at Loma Linda University Medical Center, UC Riverside School of Medicine, and is now in private practice. KAWA SHWAISH serves as the director of strategic initiatives for the Heart Institute at Loma Linda University Health, and volunteers as the president of the board for the Islamic Community Center of Redlands. Both shared not only their professional experience but perspectives on the religious traditions and communities in which they are involved.


It’s time for CRAFT TALKS! Remember those? Next week, we’ll learn more about some of the Club’s more recent members: LINDA NOLIN, BRANDON MOULDER, SHERI BOGH, and KEVIN EBERLE-NOEL. JULIE MICHAELS will moderate the panel for this Rotarianfest.


The RON JEFFREY Winemaker Dinner is TOMORROW – March 22, 2024.

This year’s 37th annual Red, Wine, & Blues event will take place on Saturday May 11, 2024 from 4 – 7pm at Kimberly Crest House & Gardens.


Did you know that in the early decades of the Club, before Smile, the membership regularly performed a song titled I’m a Little Prairie Flower? It went:

I’m a little prairie flower,
Growing wilder by the hour.
Nobody wants to cultivate me,
So I’m as wild as wild can be!
I’m as wild as wild can be!

And when they sang the last line, they put one finger pointing down on the tops of their heads and did a 360 degree turn. Maybe that should be next week’s second song!


    Kudos to JOE MODICA and everyone at the University of Redlands Conservatory of Music for the absolutely outstanding performance of “Defiant Requiem” last Saturday in Memorial Chapel. Every Rotarian in attendance can attest to the power of the experience.


    It’s Winemaker Dinner week! I’m looking forward to a delicious meal and excellent wines… though, it might mean salad for dinner for the following nights! In other news, did anyone else spot fellow Rotarians RON, ROGER, LARRY, and DARWIN in the Redlands Community News?! How wonderful to have such an active, famous group of people in our Club. I wonder if the fame will cost them anything, though? A final note for interested members of the club, the District Training Assembly is coming up in early April and I would encourage members – especially new members – to attend if time allows. I, and quite a few others, attended last year and derived some very useful information which has helped guide our work and members to serve in leadership roles for our Club. Information will be available during announcements.

    Editor – Nathan D. Gonzales – Edition No. 37, March 21, 2024