Spoke Newsletter – February 29th, 2024


We will host JED SCHWENDIMAN, Vice President for Advancement at the University of Redlands. He leads the alumni relations, conferences and events, and development teams at the university. Today, Mr. SCHWENDIMAN will provide an update on the University of Redlands, and the merger with Woodbury University.


We heard from MOLLY WILTSHIRE, acting Director of External Affairs for Governor NEWSOM. Ms. WILTSHIRE provided an overview of her professional experiences to date, put in the context of her upbringing and early adult life. These factors were important in shaping her academic pursuits, and professional ambitions. A combination of growing up in humble circumstances, and as a young adult becoming responsible for all aspects the care and well-being of her incapacitated father, led her to choose public service as a vocation. MOLLY described various challenges she faces as a young female professional in leadership positions. This includes “Old Boys Network” sexist attitudes and behaviors that persist, in spite of the well covered and all-too-common scandals at all levels of our government. Ms. WILTSHIRE described seeking common ground regardless of affiliation, and in providing help to those who may not have a strong voice in government or politics.


Our speaker will be MELISSA FISHER, who owns Escape Craft Brewery. Escape began brewing full-time in 2015, and has grown to have three locations. The newest of which is in the heart of the Packing House District in Redlands, on Oriental Avenue, just off Eureka Street. This “Downtown Oasis” is in a restored 1906 brick building, just steps away from the Redlands Downtown Metrolink station. The property is adjacent to a public park with natural landscaping, massive boulders, and winding dirt walkways.



The Decree of Canopus, issued by the pharaoh PTOLEMY III EUERGETES of Ancient Egypt in 239 BCE decreed a solar leap day system. The solar year does not have a whole number of days (it is about 365.24 days) but a calendar year must have a whole number of days. The reform failed, but the intercalation was finally implemented in Egypt by CEASAR AUGUSTUS in 26 BC; which was subsequently improved upon in the Julian, and then Gregorian calendars. But that is another story or two. On this February 29th, 2024, let us provide long overdue credit to PTOLEMY III for adding a leap day to the calendar!


RON JEFFREY Winemaker Dinner. Please save the date, March 22, 2024 for this event coming next month!!

This year’s 37th annual Red, Wine, & Brews event will take place on Saturday May 11, 2024 from 4 – 7pm at Kimberly Crest House & Gardens.

Touch-A-Truck June 8, 2024, University of Redlands, Ted Runner Stadium


Happy Leap Day! 5 Thursdays in the shortest month of the year, who would have thought? Hopefully many of you can take advantage of the extra day this year, but my guess is that most of us will trudge on with the typical day-to-day ritual! In other news, the Ron Jeffrey Winemaker Dinner is just around the corner! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet you can do that on our website: redlandsrotary.org/winemaker-dinner or paying for tickets in Club with CAL or JERRY.

Editor – Dave Byers – Edition No. 34, February 29th, 2024