Spoke Newsletter – December 28th, 2023


RAYMOND MOREHOUSE was born and raised in Redlands. Since 2016 he has been engaged in full-time work with the chronically homeless in Redlands as a Christian chaplain. He is the founder and director of Inherit the Earth Outreach (IEO), a Redlands based non-profit that facilitates this chaplaincy work, as well as other programs that are designed to help our homeless neighbors move beyond the problems that have led to their situation.


What a wonderful lunch was had by all last week. There were 59 Rotarians plus their guests for a full house with 90 served. Apologies to the last table for skimpy servings on the prime rib, but everyone was fed and enjoyed their meal. Chefs VICTORIA MARSHALL and DAVID GAUTHIER did an excellent job with the prime rib and ham. CAL did the best job he could with a dull knife.

Past President JIM PENDER, the recovering 7th day Adventist (as he announced), walked around serving shots of Maker’s Mark to raise money for ending Polio. He raised an amazing $637.00. If we add the “Pinder Shots” revenue to the Holiday Party donations, we raised a whopping $1,892.00. Well done.

The quartet, Senior Class quartet, put on quite a show. Leading the group in the 12 days of Christmas and having each table enact the day, was the highlight of their program. I hope someone videoed the 12 days at least once. We want to thank MIKE SMITH (lead), CARL BUNTIN (tenor), JOEL HANDEN (bass), and LANCE ALLOWAY (baritone). Hey STAN, I hear they are still recruiting for men who would like to be in their chorus.


RESULTS – VOICES THAT CHANGE THE WORLD LYNNE PATALANO (daughter of our own SHIRLEY HARRY) is a member of the group “RESULTS”. According to an article in the Redlands Daily Facts, the goals of a RESULTS group include learning how to “speak powerfully about the causes and solutions to poverty, (and) develop relationships with elected officials who determine policies and funding levels.” Should be an interesting discussion.


END OF YEAR DONATIONS – Its not too late to Donate to our Club’s Foundation or Rotary International to relieve some of your tax burden for 2023. See CAL on Thursday and he will definitely help you.

NEW MEMBERS – During our Holiday meal we welcomed in our newly induced members MARC SHAW, proposed by STAN WEISSER, and BRIAN COCKERILL, proposed by KIM CLARK. Please be sure to get to know them and involve them in all the great things we do.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS – This month we celebrate the birthdays of THOMAS CUTLER, NATHAN GONZALEZ, THOMAS JACKSON, and BERNARD O’PREY. You better be there for the Quiz, or I understand Mr. Prez will fine you double.

“A” OR “B”

  • Why are lawyers like laxatives? (A)They both make everything come out all right. (B) they irritate the “poo” out of you.
  • How many lawyer jokes are there? (A) Hundreds – but they’re all serving in Congress. (B) Only three, the rest are true stories.
  • Did you hear about the new parachutes designed especially for lawyers? (A) They’re all golden. (B) They open automatically on impact.
  • Why don’t lawyers play hide-and-seek? (A) It violated Discovery rules. (B) nobody will look for them.


I hope you all had a wonderful week of holiday celebrations, good food and wine, and happy company. Just one more holiday in our midst then it’s “back to reality.” What will 2024 hold for us, though? As Rotarians, I think we can certainly play a role in what that looks like, especially if we employ the motto “Service above self” regularly. Peace building in our community, help and services to those in need, even more scholarships to graduating high school seniors, and another step closer to the eradication of polio. Good or bad, let’s be thankful for the lessons learned in 2023 and look forward to what we have to offer in 2024. Cheers!

Editor – AJ Beechko – Edition No. 25, December 28, 2023