Spoke Newsletter – November 16th, 2023


What a wonderful program Rotary will have! Thank you to STAN WEISSER for arranging this program, Rabbi HILLEL COHEN. He served as Rabbi of Congregation Emanu El in San Bernardino from 1963 till 2001 and is now Rabbi Emeritus of that congregation. His list of accomplishments and commendations is too long to mention here, but we are in for a treat!


We heard WILLIAM PATTON MD. I think it should also have an ST after his name…Story Teller! “Medical History Illustrated by Stories About US Presidents”. Truthfully you might think it would be boring, well you are wrong, it was great. Personally, I think we should have him back to tell more about JFK??? It just dawned on me the answer is in his CV: he is also a member of the Fortnightly Club of Redlands, thus a good storyteller! He and his wife JULIE and their sons have lived in Redlands since 1975.


If you showed up today, you should not have…it’s Thanksgiving!


December 11: STAN WEISSER is once again organizing support and HELP for the Purple Turtles dinner at the Elks Club. For many years we have dressed festively and showed up to help serve at their Annual Holiday Party. Please let STAN know if you will be able to help.

December 15: Christmas Rotary Social will be at the home of LARRY and CHAR BURGESS from 5 PM to 7 PM. Who gets to stay late in the cellar?

December 16: Burrage Mansion Christmas Drive Thru…here is hoping you can help direct traffic, sit on Santa’s lap, and enjoy a great Redlands event!


Last Thursday I was joined at our table by BOB HEINZE, a proud man of Princeton University. Happy for the company, we asked him to join us. First moment at the table, he leans over and says “So Princeton vs Yale this weekend…” Much was discussed about the two football teams and their many years of competition against each other. Well friends, let me tell you it was a real nail biter! One scores, then the other one scores, back and forth for the entire game. At 60 minutes it was 28 to 28…so collegiate overtime. Each team gets the ball on the 25-yard line and four downs to score…whom ever scores points with equal opportunity, wins! So it went to DOUBLE OVERTIME! The good news is that Yale won the game! So as you may notice, I am not in attendance today. DIANE and I are on our way to New Haven (about the time club is over we will be landing) to see THE GAME. This is the 148 playing of the THE GAME between Harvard and Yale…this is also our grandsons, JACK BOSMAN’S last football game as he graduates in December and is off to Law School. Please do not treat BOB unkindly as he did not know any better than to pick his Alma Mater (a nice donation to our Rotary Foundation might help) and let’s keep those fingers crossed this Saturday for “THE GAME”. This one game is for the Ivy League Championship!


Today you are graced with the mellifluous stylings of THOMAS JACKSON as my work (that pesky day job of mine!) takes precedence this week with a major project. And since I cannot share random, useless, hopefully interesting facts with you in person, here’s one: Did you know that the Redlands Club met for a meeting on Thanksgiving day – November 24, 1921 – in its second year of existence?! Invocation was called at 12:10pm, followed by roll call, attendance, a talk on Rotary, a craft talk, and adjournment with “full speed ahead for home” at 12:15pm! Rest assured, we will not be meeting, even if just for five minutes, next Thursday. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll see you next on November 30th!

Editor – Bill McCalmon – Edition No. 20, November 16th, 2023