Spoke Newsletter – November 2nd, 2023


The Real Estate industry is a critical engine in the California Economy. HEATHER OZUR, President Elect of the California Association of Realtors, will enlighten us with insight into the never boring, ever-changing world of California Real Estate. Today’s real estate market is very complex and impacted by many economic forces. Rising interest rates, a restrictive insurance market, and an excruciatingly tight inventory bring significant challenges to today’s market. We might also learn what the California Association of Realtor lobbyists are doing to protect your rights as homeowners and how they work to help all adapt to the ever-changing playing field.


Watching Star Trek and dreaming of Tricorders, Transporters and Warp Drive planted the seeds of exploration that grew into a career path for last weeks speaker, MIKE YARTZOFF. MIKE is a graduate of RHS (go Terriers) and Cal Poly Pomona (my Alma mater also). He has learned from experience that science is the best tool to take you from point A to point B. MIKE now works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. NASA JPL engineer, MIKE shared stories of the highs and lows of working on flagship planetary missions including Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover.




FOOD DRIVE: Still time to write a handsome check to or bring food in support of our competition with Noon Kiwanis in support of our food drive. Please remember that $1=1 pound of food! Questions…talk to JIM NOLAN!

Saturday, November 11 is Veterans Day

Join LYNN WHITMER in waving the flag and thanking our veterans for their service to our country. LYNN requests you sign up with her so we may have good representation. Parade will start at RHS and journey straight down Citrus to Eureka, turn right to Redlands Blvd., then down to Jenny Davis Park.

December 11: STAN WEISSER is once again organizing support and HELP for the Purple Turtles dinner at the Elks Club. For many years we have dressed festively and show up to help serve at their Annual Holiday Party. Please let STAN know if you will be able to help.

December 16th – Burrage Mansion Christmas Drive Thru…here is hoping you can help direct traffic.
Christmas Social – – – Stay tuned!


DIANE and I were on the east coast the last two weekends to watch our grandson, JACK BOSMAN play his last season of football at Yale University. He is the Punter/Kicker for the team, and seeing I will probably get fined any way, he was all Ivy last year for Football and Academics! During the week in between, we drove up to Mohonk Mountain House for five nights…beautiful time and beautiful weather. But the reason to mention this is that Sunday was DR’S LARRY BURGESS and NATHAN GONZALES last night at Mohonk. They had been at Mohonk for almost a week with one of the many groups they have escorted and enlightened. My point is, we looked for them Sunday, sat in the Bar (yes, Mohonk now has a bar) for hours so we could present them with a photo I took of LARRY and CHAR, at Mohonk, 30 years ago…I still have the picture! Next day bartender says “…they came in right after you left…”


Happy November! And for those celebrating, it’s National Deviled Egg Day and also National Men Make Dinner Day… perhaps there are a bunch of eggs in some of your dinners tonight?! I’m sure this month will feel like it flies by with only three meetings, so let’s make the most of it! Thank you to those who have signed up to represent Rotary in the Veterans Day Parade next weekend, as well. And to recap on a vote from last week, we will be having a holiday social next month – the location has been secured now we’re just fixing a date, so stay tuned for those details.

Editor – Bill McCalmon – Edition No. 18, November 2nd, 2023