Spoke Newsletter – September 28th, 2023


JASON ANDERSON District Attorney for San Bernardino County will discuss the Fentanyl epidemic,
and the prosecutors who don’t follow the law. Clearly, there’s a story here…..


On September seventh we heard about the Pink Party that supports funding to advance the Beloved Foundation. Our own VICTORIA MARSHALL introduced SHERRI BOGH, a recent administrative addition to the Foundation. VICTORIA, who has given major leadership to the Foundation, discussed her personal journey with serious illness, the inner feelings that impelled her to want to support families, friends, and colleagues with outreach and programs for healing, as much as such is possible for the death of a loved one. Moreover, the Foundation has a purpose of assisting those families who need assistance and support.


BRANDON MULDER served as our host at the San Bernardino County Museum, located right in Our Town. Several months ago BRANDON became the executive director for the Museum Association, the nonprofit organization that supports and advances many of the Museum’s initiatives, exhibits and programs. At lunch we all were introduced by BRANDON to a number of the Museum hierarchy, and heard from the curator of Anthropology, who then led tours of the treasures, including much material about the First Peoples. We enjoyed a nice lunch from our own caterers, and visited with one another, and had opportunity to explore the exhibits.


It will be super, whatever it may be.


Our President-elect, THOMAS, served as one of the coordinators for a recent gathering of a dinner of the Redlands Area Historical Society. Five hundred people, including many Rotarians, enjoyed the Family Service Dinner in the Grove. JIM NOLIN supplied helpful flashlights to the throng, most helpful on the walk down eastern Citrus Avenue largely sheathed in darkness. Among those seen but certainly not all of the Rotarians present included the BEANS, WEISSERS, BOB and JOHN TINCHERS, NATHAN GONZALES/LOZA’S, BOB HEINZES, PATTERSONS, HUDSONS, LAWSON, EDISONS, NOLINS, and HATFIELDS……….

Making a meeting—for four days—with the White House as home base in Washington, D.C. joining other presidential libraries and museums is NATHAN GONZALES. At the Library of Congress luncheon, he and his fellow library administers will be hosted by the Librarian of Congress, CARLA HAYDEN who visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Smiley just a few months ago…smells of a fine but since he’s paid up maybe a few weeks of Rotary Community Service time for not having a travel permit?……….our own Prexy (the Reverend) CHRIS spent three days this past weekend hosting, cooking, and providing the marriage vows for his sister and her fiancée; much of the event took place at the Redlands Country Club and at ANITA WEST’S Kimberly Crest……….


When I joined in 1972, the all male Rotary Club of Redlands practiced rules and rituals, most of which are gone with the wind, as is the working air conditioning in the Masonic Hall. For example, in those days you were asked if interested in becoming a Rotarian (not “joining”), were taken to three consecutive meetings, and then quietly and out of sight the potential member was reviewed, the wheels turned. Then the sponsor would be notified by the Club secretary that the candidate had been approved for membership. It’s well and good that change has come in 51 years. I get it. But we still have a clause that requires members to approve, and if objections by one or more members, the candidate never hears, he or she just floats away into obscurity. It’s happed in our history, and believe me, the three examples, were ugly situations. Some sponsors wore hot collars for many months. Awareness of the arcane rules of Rotary can be challenging, indeed.


Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming and meeting location! Congratulations to EVAN SANFORD on his State of the City event, at which I saw numerous ROTARIANS in attendance! And thank you once again to BRANDON MULDER for arranging a fun and interesting program and tour of the San Bernardino County Museum last week. And now we move onto our first fundraiser of the year – the Diamond Heist Mystery Dinner! I hope to see you all there in support of our CLUB and scholarship program. Tickets can be purchased online, or likely by check if given to CAL, as well.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 13, September 28th, 2023