Spoke Newsletter – September 7th, 2023


VICTORIA MARSHALL, a past president of the Rotary Club of Redlands, will talk about the history and mission of the Beloved Foundation. Born of her own experience, she will present insights to this group that offers compassionate care for cancer and terminally ill patients and to their families.


CHUCK MOORE, Jr., owner and Senior Consultant for Moore Educational Services and decades-long Board Member of the Council of African American Parents (“CAAP”) presented a most engaging and important talk about the organization. The organization’s goal is to place African American students on to America’s most prestigious college campuses. He recounted that it all started to serve students in 11th and 12th grades. As the counseling and guidance and mentoring grew in effectiveness, other grades were added. Soon, it embraced kindergarten to 12th grades.

Among the important points he discussed is the powerful statistic that 98% of the students graduate in four years. Except for the math tutors, all the other grades are covered by volunteers. Calculus is offered to every student. [Note: Your editor way back in the day was considered so dense by his high school counselor, that he was banned from taking calculus.] One of the reasons for the program’s success is the process of Personalized Academic Learning and Leadership Services for grades 4-10. In addition Junior/Senior workshops are held where the students meet with admissions directors and counselors.


It is the annual “State of the City” luncheon, which will be held next door at the Fox events center. Hence NO REGULAR MEETING. Our own EVAN SANFORD, director of the Chamber of Commerce of Redlands is the host for the event and also has tickets available. Even if you cannot attend make sure you know someone who will be there. It is for your own good and safety that you learn from the City Council, City Administration, and from City employees what is in our future. Details are likely to be shared about upcoming rate increases, current street projects, the impending future of the old Mall, the proposed new police headquarters, future construction on the lots at the corner of Brookside and Eureka, Eureka and Redlands Blvd., and new housing and commercial development
in the works. There may be discussion of future parking plans, how the allocations are going from the city sales tax, updates on the transportation opportunities on the rail, bike, and bus lines, the extension of the Santa Ana River Trail through Redlands, the status of the new city hall headquarters, and mention of the recently completed Zanja Trail between 9th Street and
Church Street. It will be a full agenda, a good lunch, and an opportunity to rub shoulders with other residents in the “know.”

Incidentally, a special award should be given to SANFORD for taking over our meeting, urging our attendance as a civic duty, and guaranteeing an audience for the Mayor and other speakers. Clever, man, this one! But then he also reminds us that while the Optimists have the youngest club members, the Lions have the most fun, and the Kiwanians run the town, the Rotarians “own” it.


SEPTEMBER 16, Rotary Leadership institute in Beaumont.
SEPTEMBER 23, Dinner in the Grove. This annual benefit supports the good work of Family Service. KYRA STEWART is the executive director of the organization and has all the scoop. Important reminder: There are (or maybe were) four tickets left. A sold out event, indeed, topping 400 people. See you there.
OCTOBER 22, Murder Mystery/dinner, “Diamond Heist,” Fox Event Center.
DECEMBER 2, Rotary Leadership Institute in Beaumont. Years ago, Beaumont used to advertise itself as “The Zone Above Ozone.”


Any reports on the “Paddling Madeline Home Mississippi River” project with KIM CLARK and DAVE MAUPIN?….. TOM CUTLER and JULIE recently hosted the KVCR, San Bernardino Valley College public television group at their headquarters for a soiree, food, beverage, and conversation, and—-premier of LEE BURTON’S new television program on KVCR about restaurants in the Inland Empire. MARTHA GREEN, STAN WEISSER were there along with our own NATHAN DANIEL GONZALES, Community College District Trustee.….Is it true that RALPH FELLER hosted a family entourage to an overseas trip without a travel permit?…..


Is it just me or does it feel like the weeks are going by quickly? I swear it was just the beginning of summer, and now fall is around the corner. Next week will be Halloween, and in 30 days it’ll be Christmas! Since time feels so fleeting, let’s enjoy the lingering days of summer and our time together today. Yours truly is enjoying a Rotary-filled week having attended the SUNRISE ROTARY CLUB as their program speaker and working with our Diamond Heist Mystery Dinner Committee
to pull off a fun and successful caper. Remember to mark your calendars to attend on October 22nd!

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 10, September 7th, 2023