Spoke Newsletter – March 23th, 2023


SHERIFF DICUS has lived in San Bernardino County for over 40 years. He began his law enforcement career by serving in the Military Police with the 101st Airborne Division. Next, he worked for the VA Police Department in Loma Linda until he was hired by San Bernardino Sheriff’s
Department in 1991. Since he joined the department, he has worked in the Corrections area as well as on Patrol in the high desert. SHANNON has also worked in narcotics, SWAT, and Criminal Intelligence. Before his election to Sheriff in 2022 he served as the county Undersheriff. SHANNON has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from CSUSB, and a master’s in communications from California Baptist University. One question I am sure we will all have is why the Sheriff is also the Corner? The two seem like they shouldn’t go together.


We would love to see everyone in person at Rotary Club of Redlands, but if that is not possible, the following Zoom option is available by going to:



DARWIN gave a great thought-provoking talk on the concept of children safety around water. There were several video’s that went directly to the issue. He also was the first to point out how Redlands Rotary has helped the program in the past and will continue to do so. Thanks to the guidance from members like JIM NOLIN and DAVE MAUPIN, as well as the “Touch a Truck” gang, this program helps not only those in the Redlands school district, but the San Bernardino school
district as well.
P.S. in case you didn’t know the YMCA triangle with equal sides in the above logo represents the essential unity of a human being – Spirit, Mind and Body.



Each year the Rotary Club of Redlands awards scholarships to local high school students to
help support their future. Next week CHRIS will talk to us about how the scholarships are awarded and the difference we have made to so many young people.


WINEMAKER DINNER – By the time you read this you will be gearing up for the Ron Jeffrey Memorial Winemaker Dinner. Thanks to all of those including VICTORIA MARSHALL, for putting this great event together.

REDLANDS AREA SERVICE DAY is coming up next Saturday April 29. There have been signup sheets circulated.

RED WINE AND BREWS IS BACK!!! – May 13 at 6:00 pm. Tickets are now available on our Rotary website. We are looking for donations for baskets and bottles of wine. Also, we are still looking for some Rotarians to visit other clubs and spread the word. So, if you don’t have your blue badge yet, this is one way to get it.

SPRING SOCIAL – PRESIDENT JEN will be having a nice social event at her residence on April 14, weather permitting.
If it rains, it will be rescheduled.


In honor of today’s guest, I have a couple of one liners that might be enjoyable.

  1. The perfect crime was committed last night. Someone broke into the police station and stole all the toilets. Police say they have nothing to go on.
  2. Officer: “I notice your eyes are bloodshot. Have you been drinking?” Driver: “I noticed your eyes are glazed over. Have you been eating donuts?”
  3. Cop: “Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” Driver: “Isn’t it your job to tell me?”
  4. An officer comes across a man who is clearly under the influence. He says to the man, “We’re going to have to give you a drug test.” Without hesitation, the man replies, “Cool, which drugs are we testing?”
  5. Officer: “Why did you park here?” Me: “The sign says, ‘Fine for parking.’”
  6. Officer: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Me: “You were bored and wanted some company?”
  7. Judge: “I thought I said that I never wanted to see you in here again.” Criminal: “That’s what I kept telling the arresting officer, but he wouldn’t listen.”


Wow, Winemaker Dinner is here! I’ll see you all tonight at the Burrage for an evening of fun conversation and great food and wine. RON JEFFREY was a loyal Rotarian, committed to our cause. What better way to honor his legacy than by raising funds for our club’s scholarships? I look forward to seeing you there.

Editor – AJ Beechko – Edition No. 36, March 23, 2023