Spoke Newsletter – March 9th, 2023



Three students from the Grove High School Interact Club will be giving their speeches on the Four Way Test. They are ELLA BLAUTH and EVANGELINA COLLINS who are tenth graders, and AISLIN HENRY who is in the eleventh grade. They each have selected topics that are important and
special to them and based on their own experiences. They will integrate the four tests of the things we think, say and do, the values of Rotary into their speeches. Each contestant will have 5-8 minutes to discuss their topic in terms of whether it meets, or fails to meet, the standards set forth in each of the four tests in the Rotary motto. We appreciate the time and effort these students have given to preparing their speeches and will be awarding first, second, and third place scholarship awards to the competitors in today’s meeting.


We would love to see everyone in person at Rotary Club of Redlands, but if that is not possible, the following Zoom option is available by going to:



CHRISTOPHER BOATMAN gave a very interesting discussion on the programs Redlands has/is implementing to address the homeless crisis. Our Assistant City Manager was clear that this situation is far from over, but our town is making strides. MR. BOATMAN walked us through Good
Night Inn project and how it began. First with a City Council mandate, and now we have a fully funded housing program. Through an analysis of the Riverside/San Bernardino programs, CHRISTOPHER’S team recommended a hotel conversion program. This conversion programs not only uses current available assets, but also incorporates third party management so we can focus on outcomes. The timing was perfect. Although other cities funded these programs from tax dollars, Redlands was able to qualify for a federal grant ($30M) handling a majority of the cost. NICE JOB! I am sure there will be more to come from CHRISTOPHER and his team.



DARWIN will speak to us about the YMCA Safe Swim Program. This is a program that provides
our youth with basic swim skills in and around water including floating, freestyle stroke and the front crawl. I think that parents are also involved in the program. Although the YMCA has done a great job to date, funding is currently tight going forward.


PURPLE TURTLES – STAN WEISSER made a sad announcement that the leader of the Purple Turtles program, PAM PYATT, passed away recently. PAM was the key to this successful program pulling everyone together for a wonderful evening. We hope the program continues. Please keep PAM PYATT in your thoughts for the good deeds she has done. She will be missed.

COMPACT DINNER WAS A HIT – Thank you so much DAVE MAUPIN. The dinner was sold out. Excellent!

WINEMAKER DINNER – Remember it is Thursday, March 23 at the Burrage Mansion. Our goal is to raise $15K. Even if you cannot go, any donation to the cause would be appreciated. If 30 Rotarians donate $160 each, we will hit our goal.

REDLANDS AREA SERVICE DAY – is Saturday, April 29. There have been sign up sheets circulated. I am sure we will have more information to come.

RED WINE AND BREWS IS BACK!!! – May 13 at 6:00 pm. We will be looking for wine donations ($50 Bottles). We will also be looking for auction items. So think about that vacation home you have in Tuscany. Share the wealth.


On my way to court today I noticed a lot of people doing their early morning walk with their dogs. Then I began to think about my dogs and the cat I once had. I think the drawing below accurately reflects that difference.


Calling all content editors! We are re-inventing ourselves and we welcome you to be part of it. CHRIS ALVAREZ and I are working on the club’s website. We are writing site content and we encourage your input. Youth Services, Community Service, International Service, Membership, and Fundraising are all content-rich areas that will benefit from new and refreshed material. If you have served on or chaired a subcommittee in the past, your insight is valuable to our readers. I estimate that this will take less than 15 minutes of your focused time. If you are interested, please send me an email.

Editor – AJ Beechko – Edition No. 34, March 9, 2023