Spoke Newsletter – Dec 29, 2022


The Palm Desert Rotary Club will be reporting on the Rotary international project in Mexicali, Mexico. Welcome, colleagues.


We would love to see everyone in person at Rotary Club of Redlands, but if that is not possible, the following Zoom option is available by going to:



A good time was had by all as guests joined us for the annual Christmas Holiday luncheon. And, a nice turnout came to the Friday evening Rotary Bingo Night. Several people won prizes in the form of bottles containing the oil of conversation. It is always good to see Club activities supported and enjoyed. Prexy JEN and AJ BEECHKO kept us ‘entertained’ as the number drawing commentators.
Thanks to all who worked to make it a success.


We know for sure this will be the first meeting of the New Year, 2023. A year will have passed, so be sure to show up for an assessment about how we bore up a year later. As to the program, doubtless, it will be a New Year surprise. Who knows, maybe we will all be asked to tell about our
resolutions, and for how long we will keep them.


This month features both Sagittarius and Capricorn. Those in this sign are “little beacons of light.” This does not account for what happens when they got older and joined Rotary. For those born before the 21st, Sagittarius reigns supreme. The “archer”, half man, half beast centaur, is personally driven with determination, wisdom and boldness. For those born after the 21st, Capricorn takes charge. Represented by the goat, those in this sign are hard-working, ambitious, goodnatured and highly disciplined. For some of these folks, they can at times be “know-it-alls”. For those born on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, they are the rarest of all. Not the most precious, the rarest! Those two days are the lowest birth rates in the USA. Here are ALL the December Rotarians: ROBERT AUSTIN, 24; SANDRA CONNELL, 18; TOM CUTLER, 13; NATHAN GONZALES, 25!!!!!!; THOMAS JACKSON, 30; DEB KINDER, 27; BERNIE O’PREY, 2; Best wishes, and Happy Birthday………


DIANNA LAWSON, doubtless exhausted but radiant with satisfaction about a recent fundraising event for Mansion Memories. Her work brings great joy to the children it serves. And, what a place to have such an occasion, the Burrage Mansion, “Monte Vista”………… A recent survey of Rotarians involved in EVAN SANFORD’S empire, Redlands Chamber of Commerce, reveals the fine hand of participation by many Rotarians—DIANNA LAWSON, JOHN MILLS, JIM NOLIN, SHELLI STOCKTON, all on the Board. JAN HUDSON, chair, Government Review Committee. Service is indeed the name of the game…….

The New Year will provide to our Club new members, thoughtful programs, and an opportunity for socializing with each other. As well as a chance to get to still enjoy the splendid leadership of PRESIDENT JEN and the Board, and then to support CHRIS ALVAREZ as president in July. He will be back fresh from representing our club at the international convention in Melbourne.

Often one wonders if the New Year is but the old year with its baggage under a new number. But lest cynicism supplant the real opportunity to press forward and improve our multiple worlds, shout out, “HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2023 to all, and may it bring us health, happiness, and good fortune as well as to our family and friends”.


I hope all of us are relaxed after having had several days to enjoy the holidays and be with family. This time of year is always a perfect time to reflect and be grateful, but also to consider what we might improve over the next year, both personally and professionally. While I have not been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I tend to use this time of year to refocus and fine tune, to make the next year even better than the last. I plan to do that with our Club, too. I’ll review my goals and measure our success, and begin to clear a path for our incoming president. As always, I’m open to your suggestions and feedback.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 24, December 29, 2022