Spoke Newsletter – Dec 15, 2022


You and your guests are the program, as it were. This is our annual holiday luncheon.
A historical commentary is appropriate.
Some newer, younger members may wonder about the origin of this annual holiday gathering. It goes way back, nearly a century. In olden days when the Club consisted of only men, and mighty men were, service clubs were new to the American civic scene. The Optimists had the youngest members. The Lions were the most fun-loving. The Kiwanians ran the town AND the mighty ROTARIANS owned it.
When your editor joined the Club in 1972, spouses -all women- were called “Rotaryanns.” They would dress up and join the men who were attired in suits or at the very least sport coats for an annual Holiday luncheon. Crisp linen white table cloths, Rotary Club china, and served dinner
awaited the guests. A brief musical interlude of Christmas music was presented.
BUT, the real moment came from the President (an annual mistake in my view) who had each member introduce his wife. In those days 80 members introduced 80 guests. Naturally, some of the old boys orated about their spouse, adding a cute remembrance or two, often winking as they
introduced their wife as “my wife at this time” or “my present wife,” followed by “ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, chortle, chortle.” Half an hour later the introductions were done, recognition of any dignitaries were sandwiched in, and then it was 1:30 and time to go.
Times changed over the years, as did traditions. “Rotaryanns” became known as women (fancy that) and by 1990 as members of the Club, serving on the board and even as presidents. Today they represent an important, influential portion of our membership.
Simply put, there was no longer a need for the tradition of a once-a-year spouse only occasion. Nowadays, the Holiday Luncheon welcomes spouses as women, men, and guests, relatives, and (rarely, but it has happened) ex’s.


We would love to see everyone in person at Rotary Club of Redlands, but if that is not possible, the following Zoom option is available by going to:



A superb choral presentation of holiday music from the Redlands High School Choir impressed all who attended the lunch or watched from on-line. The director, the student performers, the administrators and educators in our Club should be proud of such talent and such engaging
personalities. SHELLI STOCKTON remembered back to her high school youth when she, representing Redlands High, sang to a grizzled bunch of Rotarians at Christmas time. That she is now an active member is largely because she has not reckoned with those to whom she sang being the age she now is. When we have a Rotary Club talent show, we now know that in addition to riding the unicycle, she also sings!


The Wisdom of the Chief Executive and the Board have decreed Thursday, December 22, 2022 will be dark for our Club. This gives everyone an extra hour and a half to shop for gifts……
WELCOME, heartily, lovingly, and joyfully from the members to all their guests. All are equal in their status as honored personal guests. A long way and a lot of change in fifty years. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.
Welcome new member, NOURA FADEL. Last week Prexy JEN installed NOURA as our newest member. A dentist who owns her own business, Tulip Dental, headquartered on Brookside Ave, NOURA was a Rotary member of Cairo, yes, Egypt, not Cairo, Illinois. To be specific, the
Rotary Club of Heliopolis 50967. She involved herself in many Rotary projects. Her reason for joining our Club is in her words “to continue my mission in community service through an organization with a solid structure.” Welcome,


Thanks to the Rotarians who helped make Purple Turtles a success! STAN WEISSER did us proud yet again! A big “thank you” goes out to the Elks for hosting and to the YMCA Circus who performed for the crowd and brought levity to the night’s festivities. It was fun to watch everyone
dance and enjoy the party.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 23, December 15, 2022