Spoke Newsletter – Dec 1, 2022


KAREN SHAW and JAN HUDSON present an update on the East Valley Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and the current evolving real estate market in California and REDLANDS. Corne one, come all to hear “our own” divine as to whether we have made money, lost money, might make money or might not.

Our lunch members may prefer the terms “investment,” “equity,” or “worth,” but we know deep down it’s all about$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


SARAH KATTUS brought us an informative and poignant message about the Alzheimer’s Association, its purpose and work. Her power point was organized to present scientific, social, and clinical aspects to Alzheimer’s disease. Adding to the resonance of her talk is her direct involvement with her late father and now with her husband, both of whom experience(d) Alzheimer’s. In addition to her role as care-giver, she works with the Association to not only bring outreach to people and organizations, but also to connect people to the organization for help. The room’s energy sobered as the presentation continued and by the time of the Q & A, questions reflected how many of us present have experienced the ravages of the disease.


There will be NO noon meeting.

Friday, December 2 there will be OUR Holiday Evening Gala at the Masonic Temple. Replete with sumptuous food and copious amounts of Beverages, this is a splendid chance to mingle and visit and enjoy the season with our membership, our spouses, companions, other categorical individuals, and enjoy, enjoy!


NATHAN GONZALES won his election to the San Bernardino Valley Community College District Board of Trustees…… .a recent reception at his home included a bevy of Rotarians. Incoming President CHRIS ALVAREZ was there, why not have him name the others who can be factored into an appropriate fine from PREZ JEN?…..DARWIN BARNETT still has Y Annual Home Tour tickets and says this year’s homes are diverse and interesting ……… and speaking of the Y Tour, JERRY BEAN’S newspaper put out a handsome magazine on the tour. .. ..BEV NOERR is busy with the detailed plans for the 100th Anniversary of the Redlands music program at the Bowl, begun by GRACE STEWART MULLEN ….. wonder about the thoughts of JEFF MARTINEZ, U of R athletic director, about the recent Whittier College bombshells of shelving football, men’s La Cross, and women’s golf? …..shouldn’t JACK BURKE receive some kind of Club award for his consistent ZOOM attendance???? …..

Finally, a holiday thought. With more than 50 million copies solid, IRVING BERLIN’S “White Christmas” is the best-selling song of all time. First sung by BING CROSBY in the movie Holiday Inn in 1942, it was “premiered earlier on December 25, 1941 by CROSBY singing it on Kraft Music Hall Radio. It was deeply meaningful, with Pearl Harbor been attacked on December 7th”.

There is also sorrow behind BERLIN’S cornpos1tion. IRVING and ELLEN BERLIN’S three-week old son died on Christmas Day 1928, and every year after they visited the grave on Christmas Day. It is a wistful song that binds a diverse set of relationships: BERLIN fled the Tsarist anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia. His gratitude to America never was forgotten by him. His brush with the waving palms in Beverly Hills where he experienced a Southern California “winter” made him nostalgic for the snow of Christmas in New York City. A somewhat nostalgic and sad song, BING CROSBY often tried to cut it from the program on his USO trips because he did not want to depress the soldiers. Nevertheless, they always clamored for it because its message made them remember better days.


I love the Thanksgiving holiday, where we can take the time to reflect and be grateful. Perhaps we can carry that “attitude of gratitude” throughout the year and share more of those sentiments with those around us – we can give to others and in turn be grateful for all of our blessings.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 21, December 1, 2022