Spoke Newsletter – July 28, 2022


ANITA WEST, executive director of Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, will share updates on all the festive events to come and current happenings at our own French Chateau. Kimberly Crest is a treasured historical property to our city and has continued to thrive under the good stewardship of ANITA. Find out what is new on their horizon!


JOE MODICA, director of the University of Redlands School of Performing Arts and Conservatory of Music, enlightened us to changes in the department as they switched from a College within the University to a Conservatory. A Conservatory places more emphasis on direct training and preparation for a career in performance with less focus on general education courses. This change is expected to increase enrollment by better meeting the goals of students. It also allows for new future degree pathways including a Minor in Dance or Minor in Musical Theatre. With the new emphasis of the conservatory, a new dance studio is high on his wish list along with a new state of the art concert hall. MODICA also hopes to expand the university’s outreach to community with an expanded summer arts experience for youth.


If you like to shop downtown, go to dinner or meet your stylist for a new ‘doo from time to time in downtown Redlands, you won’t want to miss our own EVAN SANFORD speak about downtown parking! SANFORD, as director of the Chamber of Commerce, is leading the charge to proactively bring options to light as he supports our local businesses. Hear what the Chamber is up to on this front and others.


With a heavy heart, this Spoke editor shares the news that HARRY JOHN passed away on July 23, 2022 at the age of 98. He was member of our club since 1959. A CPA by trade, HARRY JOHN had a heart for philanthropy working with a multitude of non-profits over the years and leaving his mark in Redlands. He was the 2014 Man of the Year. One of the most memorable moments for many of us Rotarians was listening to him recount his WWII experience as a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force and being shot down behind enemy lines. I vividly remember being so moved by his heroic story and witnessing, even after seven decades of time, how deeply the emotions stayed with him. Without question he was one of the Greatest Generation. My sincere condolences to EVE and the John family.


Lots of candles to blow out this month … July’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Their birthstone is a Ruby. (KEVIN CORREIA: Which is the more expensive a ruby or an emerald?) Let’s all sing to:



JIM HOLMES**Born on July 29th, JIM is a LEO … no surprise!











One of my favorite adages which has been attributed to several philosophers over time is this: “Every person needs three things to be happy: Something to Do, Someone to Love, and Something to Look Forward To.”

I hope each of us is always fortunate enough to have all three! When one of these is lacking in your own life, you may feel incomplete and unfulfilled. Perhaps this gives us insight into our own live3s and into the lives of others.

The recent pandemic certainly took aim at our ability to have something to look forward to. I hope we can, together find meaning in that experience and guard against that result in the future. I’m grateful for the creativity of our Past President JOHN TINCHER who led us through that unusual time.

May this year be filled with meaningful projects and gatherings that will give us all Something to Do, Someone to Love, and Something to Look Forward To.

Editor – Lynn Whitmer – Edition No. 4, July 28, 2022