Spoke Newsletter – July 7, 2022


All Hail the New Queen of our Rotary Club of Redlands! Ms. JENNIFER DANIEL, Esquire, will take the helm of our storied club this week. Come hear about her vision and exciting plans for this upcoming year sure to be packed with Rotarian-style fun-fundraising, good works and the fellowship that makes Rotary special to us all. It’s sure to be a rousing good time! Hmm, the last “esquire” we had at the podium was a fan of really, really long tunes – you know, the 8 minute 42 second kind like American Pie (albeit a cool song, but it kinda cuts into Recognition time.) Trolling the web this editor only found this one lovely photo of JENNIFER… she’s done a fine job of keeping a properly modest, low profile as an attorney… well, that’s gonna change!!


Ah – If you showed up to the Masonic Lodge at noon you found the doors locked and you went home hungry! The party and meeting had moved to an hour more fitting for the official retiring of our most recent presidential victim, MIKE BOSMAN. It was with fine style that MIKE BOSMAN was roasted and toasted on Thursday evening at the beautiful home of BILL and DIANE MCCALMON. NATHAN GONZALES put on his best BOSMAN interpretation and an original JOHN TINCHER skit brought the laughs. MIKE was a good sport through it all and the question is… were all the recognition promissory notes made good?? The razzing was relentless for BOSMAN’s unpredictable appearances at the podium over the year, but the love was felt and his generosity and good humor honored. Thanks, MIKE for your time at the helm… and your absence in the Spoke. This Spoke Editor still believes the penance should be a stint behind the keyboard to craft our weekly updates! To be continued…


Did I hear that the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts is about to celebrate 100 years?? Well not just yet… but you might as well open your checkbooks now to support this nationally recognized gem that we Redlanders all enjoy each and every Tuesday and Friday nights throughout the summers. BEVERLY NOERR and VALERIE PEISTER will set the stage for fun with some of the cast of the summer musical The Little Mermaid. Oh my! Ursala, Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder – this takes me back… and Under the Sea. I’m sure it will be a delight.


Imagine the first woman president of Rotary International… that day is here.

Imagine a world where everyone gives their best daily.

Imagine a world where our 4-Way Test is everyone’s way.

Imagine a world filled with peace, purpose, kindness, successes and joy.

RI President-elect JENNIFER JONES imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become reality and they make the most of their club experiences. She urges members to engage more with each other and use these connections to build partnerships that change the world.


Our long-awaited new year has finally begun. Many thanks to the MCCALMONS who hosted a fabulous demotion party for our outgoing Pres, MIKE BOSNAN! We are already off to a great start with two board meetings under our belt, dates filling our Rotary calendar, and goals set for year’s end. I have the best Board any president could hope to have, and we have lots in store.

Our sense of normalcy is returning now that we are meeting in person again. I am especially looking forward to our upcoming events, social hours, and fundraisers. This year holds much promise for our club. I hope to see each of your faces at our meeting this week so that I can share this all with you.

Editor – Lynn Whitmer – Edition No. 1, July 7, 2022